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You can display the Quick Access Toolbar in the upper-left corner of the program or below the Ribbon. Note: You can also add commands by locating the desired command on the Ribbon, right-clicking the command, and choosing Add to Quick Access Toolbar. This is document ajcm in the Knowledge Base.

Last modified on Skip to: content search login. Knowledge Base Search. These problems indicate that the new scripts were not installed into the correct location. Since non-English versions of Office prior to Office SP2 do not use the Microsoft User Data folder, but rather a folder with an equivalent name in the Office language, this can be problematic for non-English Office users.

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There are three potential solutions:. In Word , this can also indicate an issue with Visual Basic for Applications. If the above steps do not resolve the issue, follow these steps for resolving Visual Basic for Applications-related issues. Some Word users may see the following message upon attempting to insert a citation or bibliography into any Word document using the Script menu:.

Please ensure that a document is open. This error indicates that Visual Basic for Applications is malfunctioning, which may happen for several reasons:. We do not support running the Word for Windows plugin under Linux, and advise users to use LibreOffice instead. Thanks to Sudarlin Laoddang for providing these instructions on his blog.

Zotero requires LibreOffice 5. If you are using an older version, upgrade to the current version of LibreOffice. See System Requirements. Next, restart the installation process, by restarting Zotero. The page should display the Zotero LibreOffice Integration extension. Click the preferences button for this extension which will display the Cite pane of Zotero preferences. When you are asked to locate your LibreOffice installations, ensure that your LibreOffice installation is listed.

If installation continues to fail, repeat the same steps, but click the Manual Installation button. This will open a folder containing the integration component to be installed within LibreOffice itself. While this is unlikely to succeed, it will provide further information about the cause of the installation failure. For errors not listed below, post the error you receive during manual installation to the Zotero forums. If it's in not there, return to Zotero and the Cite pane of Zotero preferences.

If you get an error, refer to installation troubleshooting instructions. In Zotero LibreOffice Integration, when attempting to add or edit a citation or bibliography, you may see the message. NullPointerException at org.

MathType with Microsoft Office

This error indicates that the version of the extension within Zotero does not match the version of the extension within LibreOffice, typically because installation failed. Try reinstalling the plugin. If the installation fails, or you continue to experience this error after reinstalling, see the above section on how to resolve an installation error.

Users with other word processor integration plugins Word for Mac or Word for Windows installed should also make sure that those plugins are the latest available versions. We believe this is caused by a corrupt LibreOffice profile directory. Move or delete the LibreOffice profile directory , then follow the instructions above to reinstall the Zotero LibreOffice extension. This will revert any LibreOffice settings you have customized to their default state.

Refer to the Installation error section. This error reflects a faulty Java installation within LibreOffice. This issue affects not only Zotero, but any LibreOffice extension that uses Java. Follow the steps below, testing whether manual installation succeeds after each. This is usually caused by an outdated version of LibreOffice that does not properly locate the system Java installation. It can be resolved by installing LibreOffice 5. Tested successfully with LibreOffice 6.

The most common cause of this error is a deselected Java installation due to a system update. You should now be able to reinstall the LibreOffice extension from within Zotero. On some Linux installations the Zotero toolbar refuses to install properly in LibreOffice, or is visible in LibreOffice, but clicking the buttons has no effect.

Turn on Developer Menu Ribbon in Microsoft Office 2011 Mac

Installing the libreoffice-java-common package, available in the repositories of most common linux distributions, usually solves this issue. You will need to upgrade to a bit version of Linux if you are running a bit version of an OS. Translations of this page: en. If you don't see the required integration plugin in the Extensions pane at all, then you should re-download and re-install Zotero. Word - Ribbon extensibility. Use ribbon customization XML to customize the ribbon the way that you want it.

Excel - Ribbon extensibility. Since OS X El Capitan was released to the public last week, Microsoft Office users have noticed some serious bugs when attempting to use the software. MacRumors has received multiple emails from people having issues with Office , and there are several threads about the problem on our forums.

Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint are crashing for many Microsoft users who have installed Office , and Office users are also noticing problems with Outlook. Microsoft is aware of the problems with its software and has been responding to customer complaints. In a thread on the Microsoft forums, Microsoft Program Manager Faisal Jeelani said the company is working with Apple to resolve the issues, but said there is no timeline for a fix.

Microsoft also gave Computerworld a similar statement:"We know that some users may be experiencing issues with Office for Mac running on El Capitan," the statement read.

Until there is a fix, we recommend people install the latest updates to Office for Mac using Microsoft AutoUpdate. Some are seeing only occasional crashes with the software, while others are unable to open any Office apps at all.

MathType tab in Word

Many who use Outlook for email are unable to access their inboxes, and this particular issue affects both Office and Office I even did a fresh install of El Cap and then did a fresh install of Office. The whole office suite just bounces when I try to load a file. The reason is that the tablet's Comparatively, the Office suite of apps on the iPad Air and iPad mini allow viewing and editing documents for free, since their screen sizes are 9. The Office apps on the current iPads offer both viewing and editing documents for free.

A handful of features require Office subscriptions, available as in-app purchases, but the core editing capabilities are all zero cost. Install those same apps on the iPad Pro once it arrives in November, however, and all those editing features will go away.

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Office on the iPad Pro will require an Office subscription for any and all editing. Up to five subscribers also get 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage and 60 Skype minutes of calling per month to mobile phones and landlines.

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One subscriber also gets 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage and 60 Skype minutes of calling per month to mobile phones and. Microsoft held its annual BUILD conference for developers this morning, where it made several announcements that may be of interest to Mac and iOS users. First off, the company announced cross-platform add-ins that will deeply integrate third-party apps and services into multiple versions of Office, including Office for iOS.

Microsoft's add-ins which can be thought of as plug-ins will enable a range of third-party services to integrate with Office on Windows, iOS, Android, and presumably Mac when the new Office is released. For example, Uber might be built into Outlook, letting users call for rides directly from their calendar appointments.

Another example shown on stage was PicHit, an app offering a photo marketplace within the PowerPoint app.