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How Do I Solve the Issue? Photoshop CS 5. It looks like it gets stuck when loading the chat based on the status in the lower left of the browser. I've tried on both Firefox and Safari - same thing keeps happening. Please Also Include: Operating system e. I have the same problem, dies when it's loading chat.

This happens on: Firefox 3.

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Antivirus is avast 4. This also happens with Firefox 3. Gmail loads inbox. I can see my emails. Can't click on anything. Doesn't load chat window. A quick workaround:. Go to the bottom of the page and switch to HTML version. I have tried cleaning up cache, history and all kind of solutions from different forums. Nothing helps. The only one solution what was working is install Firefox. Firefox just doing what it needs to be done; starting up, getting to my site after typing URL, giving me the proper window to be able to login. And all of it already for many weeks without cleaning up the cache, history, reboot etc..

I have no any idea why Safari has problems with it but I just gave up, good bye Safari, hello Firefox! My problem with safari in OS X My macbook pro completely hangs. But when I navigate in others websites not youtube all is fine, responsive and never hangs.

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Force Quit is not an option, whether from the Safari icon in the dock or from the Apple menu bar whole Mac is frozen. I have the exact same problem, having to hard restart since nothing is usable once Safari locks up. I even took my mac to the Apple Store to no avail. They told me to clear the cache and plugins and it should work ok. This problem has been going on for some time.

I think since I have a Macbook Pro early ; never happens on the Macbook. I think its funny how the Apple Keynote boasts its head off, about Safari, but that safari is almost deprecated on most modern multimedia websites, and is getting worse and worse. As for youtube and Safari..

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Yosemite has damaged my computer and I am furious with Apple. Why was this program not tested before being released!? After many many years with Apple, I have finally decided to go back to a PC.

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If seems that everyone who updated to Yosemite, now has a problem with their computer. With the salaries they are on, surely they must have tested this program before releasing?? I had given up on Safari after the release of Yosemite. Slow performance, hangs, freezing, etc. Safari had become non-functional. I tried all of the remedies listed above, as well as others, but after brief period of nominal performance, Safari reverted to the unusable state described above.

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I have made it my default browser again, and will use it unless and until the old Safari problems return. Do you suppose Apple finally fixed it?

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  6. And why did they have to pretend that there was nothing wrong for the last four months? Well, here is the miracle cure that worked for me. I tried resetting Safari, deleting files, repowering many times, alternate browsers functional but also slow. Then I did GetInfo on Safari. In the permissions it showed 2 entries for everyone. One was set to read-only, the other to read-write.

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    I had not seen 2 settings for everyone before, so I set the second one to read-only. Bingo — instantly everything was full speed again. I rebooted to be sure, and all is wonderful again. Good luck. No crash yet…: I bet the OS works perfect on a new Mac. I think the issue is Apple doing something with each update so you have to buy a new mac every years. OS X Yosemite is just a terrible software update, it runs poorly on everything. I do not recommend it to anyone. In both devices I cannot run multiple pages, and opening anything is a matter of luck. No wonder I just pulled out from the drawer again my very old Dell-PC with Windows 7, which is incredibly more stable than that Apple crap that has become close to useless!

    I just hate the dictatorial way Apple has to block users from downgrading. Hi I have yosemite and i had also the same problems with safari especially with Facebook. I followed the steps to scan. After restarting safari seems to run normally especially with Facebook. Thought that was the cause.

    After lots of reading and trying different things, the solution for me was to remove Genieo, a malware. Safari freezes, chrome freezes, firefox freezes and yes, opera freezes the software i need to run my business. On my Mac it says safari cannot run as it is being updated or something like that but it is saying that since 2 weeks, pls can someone tell me why of how I can fix it.


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    I just need to tell you how much you helped me with this article. Update OS X, it works. Otherwise use Google Chrome, the CHrome browser is reliable alternative. Do not install browser extensions, anywhere. I upgraded to Yosemite from Snow Leopard quite a while back. In the last couple of weeks or so, Safari has started freezing and no sequence of keys will unfreeze it. This happens too often to my wife. After I do a Restart, I can go to the same exact site; and it generally does not freeze again.

    I use Firefox most of the time, but my wife only uses Safari.