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This guide is also relevant if you have accidentally deleted a file. Once the part of the disk with the data is overwritten, nothing can get it back. SSDs are fundamentally different from HDDs, and although they seem to act the same, fixing them is a whole different matter, and the chances of recovery are far worse, however, we will examin your options below. If you are very lucky your hard drive or SSD isn't beyond repair and you will be able to fix the problem yourself and therefore get access to your files.

If your drive is having problems and you become aware of this before the machine crashes, or if you manage to get it up and running again or in the case of an external drive your Mac is able to detect it , the first thing to do is launch Disk Utility. We have a complete guide to using Disk Utility here. Note that Apple updated Disk Utility in El Capitan and the options and capabilities have changed quite a bit since then.

Your Comprehensive Mac Data Recovery Solution

Back in the day it would have also been advised that you should fix Disk Permissions, but Apple removed the ability to repair permissions in Sierra, probably because meddling with permissions can cause all sorts of issues. If you are able to fix the hard drive or SSD in your Mac or a external drive using Disk Utility you will hopefully be able to recover your files.

We suggest you back up your Mac at this point before running the risk of the disk failing again. However when dealing with dying disks, they may not survive the experience. Now that modern Macs no longer ship with optical disk drives, you may not have an easy option to boot from another disk. This is actually a partition on the drive that contains a version of the macOS that you can boot from.

[Solved] How to recover deleted files from Mac external hard drive?

We have a complete guide to using Recovery mode here. Keep holding those keys until you see either an Apple logo or a spinning globe. If you manage to get in to Recovery mode, you should be able to run Disk Utility as described above, and potentially fix your disk so you can recover the data. If Disk Utility manages to fix your drive enough to let you boot from it again, be very careful how you use it.

You should plan to get an external drive plugged in as soon as you can, so that you can secure your data there. If you have lost any data, it is very important to avoid using the drive, as anything that writes files to the drive, may be writing over your lost files. Which would render them unrecoverable. So if you manage to resurrect your sickly drive, quit all your software, including email, to avoid overwriting any list files. Once you have an external drive, you can then use that as your boot drive, and recover any lost files to there. They all claim to be more effective than Disk Utility, but how well they do is very dependent on whatever is at the root of the problem.

Lion has been around since , so anything newer than that should have the Recovery HD partition available if the drive is showing any signs of life. But you may as well try to boot from an external drive running OS X. If this works it puts you in a pretty good position to proceed, as you will no longer be booting from the faulty disk. If you have managed to start your machine from either Recovery, or an external drive, the volume you are trying to recover still may not show up.

Data recovery software can still work with that drive, so long as the OS can still talk to it.

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These features keep track of metadata regarding deleted files and can make recovering files deleted from the Trash bin a simple matter. Using Disk Drill in this proactive manner takes the guesswork out of recovering lost and deleted files. PhotoRec Recovery Software for Mac. PhotoRec is an open-source, freeware data recovery application. It is a companion program to TestDisk which is used to recover lost partitions.

The program recovers your data in read-only mode, eliminating the chance of overwriting files during recovery. PhotoRec can recover lost data from your hard drive as well as a wide variety of peripheral storage devices. Data Rescue 5 for Mac. It can recover data from your hard drives as well as external drives, SD cards, and solid-state drives. Standard and professional licenses are available to customers, with the professional version offering unlimited data recovery and an intuitive user-interface.

It features built-in Time Machine support to eliminate the recovery of duplicate files. Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac. This application by Wondershare is designed to allow you to recover lost or deleted data on a computer running the macOS from version It can be used to recover videos, photos, music files, documents, and many other types of files on your computer or other storage devices. This app can be used for file, partition, and raw hard drive recovery.

An easy to use interface lets you select the file type to recover, scan for files that fit your criteria, and then restore them. Softtote Mac Data Recovery.

Part 1 – Recover Deleted Files Mac

The next entry in our review of data recovery programs is Softtote Mac Data recovery. This easy to use application runs on the macOS from version The program enables recovery on your system hard drive or most peripheral storage devices.

It offers flexible file filtering to minimize scanning time and is able to recover deleted, damaged, or corrupted files in many different file formats. Cisdem DataRecovery for Mac. This versatile recovery program enables you to recover just about any type of deleted, damaged, or formatted file in your Mac machine or peripheral device. The three-step recovery process lets you choose a data loss scenario, scan and preview recoverable files, and then perform the actual data restoration. A free download is available to preview the files that the application can recover.

M3 Mac Data Recovery. M3 data recovery is free data recovery software for the Mac operating system from version It supports many file system formats including encrypted APFS drives. It has the ability to recover files deleted from your Trash bin and can be used on your computer's internal drives as well as most peripheral devices.

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery. Lazesoft is a freeware application that offers users a free method of recovering deleted files from Mac machines.

Restore Data on Any Internal and External Storage

You can use the tool to recover from damaged or deleted partitions and the software allows you to restore data from a variety of external devices. Minitool Power Data Recovery. This data recovery application is compatible with Mac OS versions from The tool includes functional modules that assist in addressing specific data loss scenarios, making it easier to find those important files.


Disk Drill tutorial: How to Recover Files and Protect your Mac Disks

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard for Mac. This powerful data recovery tool runs on Mac machines running OS Notable features include the ability to create an emergency bootable USB drive and the ability to recover lost data from a Time Machine backup drive. You can recover files of virtually any type from most peripheral devices. Stellar Mac Data Recovery Professional. Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is a data recovery tool that enables you to restore deleted files on your Mac computer. It can help you recover many types of files including photos, documents, and videos from accidental deletion or a mistakenly formatted HDD.

A free version is available for testing. TechTool Pro. TechTool Pro is a tool designed to allow a user to test and repair a number of problematic conditions that you may experience with your Mac. Using the tool you can perform drive testing and repair, monitor your network and connectivity, and conduct memory tests.

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You can download the tool for free to test its performance. Ontrack EasyRecovery for Mac. You can use either its quick or deep scan feature to identify and restore files that are hard to recover. The tool also provides advanced RAID recovery capabilities. Try the tool with a free download. Tenorshare Data Recovery for Mac.

Here is another data recovery tool for your Apple computer that can help you get your data back after accidental deletion. It provides a real-time preview of the recoverable data so you can easily select which files to restore. You can recover your data with a simple three-step process that employs advanced scanning algorithms. The tool can be downloaded for a free test drive.

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