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Business declined at the international cell phone company her husband works for, she said, and they wanted to continue their moderate lifestyle and contribute to their children's college funds. Rhonda Shasteen, chief marketing director for Mary Kay, said the Addison, Texas-based company saw traffic on its Web site increase by percent in March, when the company began airing television ads to attract new sales reps.

The sales force grew 22 percent from January to March, compared with the same period last year. The privately owned company wouldn't say whether its profits also increased during that period.

  • Amid recession, direct sales is not just for stay-at-home moms anymore;
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Orlando, Fla. Direct sales reps can earn commissions between 25 to 50 percent of retail sales, and some companies will also pay for recruiting a new sales person.

A Buyer’s Guide to Business Computers

Direct sellers also can earn rewards, too, including jewelry, handbags, furniture, appliances, cars and vacations. There can be expenses. Companies that are members of the Direct Selling Association are required to have buyback programs where they refund at least 90 percent of costs to sales representatives who get stuck with products. During stronger economies, people usually take on direct sales jobs so they can have money for leisure spending, said Larry Chonko, business ethics professor at The University of Texas at Arlington. And if you create a solid foundation now, then just wait until the economy comes out of the down cycle and goes into an up cycle.

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Melanie Lyke, 29, of Thompson's Station, Tenn. Copyright The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. This feature allows you to maintain the focus on the long-term strategic plans and the forthcoming tasks. With a convenient timeline, you will easily track the dates of further works, and instantly relocate them on your strategy roadmap, using Drag-and-Drop mechanism. Outline view is the perfect supplement to the Gantt view.

It allows you to easily navigate through the treelike structure of your document, concentrating only on the highlights. For more convenience, you can hide those parts of the tree you are not currently using. Moreover, Keepsolid Strategy gives you the ability to export your Outlines to later analyze on how your strategy has changed over the years. Keepsolid Strategy enables the collaboration with your teams in real time to build a winning strategy and develop great products. Just enter the KeepSolid ID of a user you want to share the document with, and set the appropriate access right.

In case any changes occur in the document, the users will be informed with a notification accordingly. Backlog is a great help when working on a project and having to deal with lots of user stories, comments, and customer feedbacks. Use this feature and never miss any important point. It allows you to capture all the ideas in one place and prioritize them. You can create a backlog for each project separately.

Roadmap Planner provides me an ability to map out ideas and strategies when paper and pen are not handy, access documents that may need continued work, create tasks list for my assistants and so much more! There are so many other aspects of the planner that I plan to use in my business.

A Buyer’s Guide to Business Computers

Roadmap Planner eases the task of planning, drafting and finalizing my office project and I can show my progress through presentation mode. This tool could also solve the decision making issue with focus groups that can contribute to solve any problem that arises in different scenarios.

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It allows to create simple chart to schedule projects and communicate with clients without using complex software. For strategic planning I haven't seen something comparable. Gives a great overview of the current status of the product development. So making sure we develop the right things in the right order.

Also, make sure we are on tracking when it comes to our development planning. It is easy to use and easy to show other people a roadmap so they understand it! It allows me to have an overview of what is happening and when, this will ensure effective time management and not over burden my team at a given time. You are able to have an accurate timeline of what is or what is not happening at a given time during the year and provides a great overview of what needs completing. Easy to create global roadmap without having to create tasks and complicated setup for my customers, with relations.

I love to have parallel flows, and the look and feel is beautiful and very professional.

For the time being, I got an insanely pleasant experience of using the tool. I work closely with it and the product has changed a lot in a year. Privacy Policy If you have a privacy inquiry regarding this site, please write to privacy winehq. Adlib Library Lite.

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This is a great tool to register you book and art collection. Aginity Workbench for Redshift. A database application for writing and executing queries against Amazon Redshift databases. ALEPH client.


The ALEPH tm integrated library system is a market leader in the automation of libraries and research centers. Alfa Ebooks Manager. Alfa Ebook is an Ebook manager and viewer. All My Movies. All My Movies is intended for those who are tired of managing their movie collection manually or using difficult to use software programs. AskSam allows the mixing of freeform and structured data in the same files. This is a replacement for the now discontinued Windows Cardfile program.


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Beauty Advisor. Book Collector Pro. Borland dBase. Broken Cross Disk Manager. Channel Master. Cinta Notes. Desktop version of a password manager. CodeWallet Pro. CodeWallet Pro lets you store your sensitive passwords in a hierarchical tree with infinite sub-folders. Comic Collectorz. Know exactly what is in your comic collection! Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports, helps create interactive content from nearly any data source,and publish to the Web in a variety of formats, and integrate it with applications.

D-GISS is the leading software to manage your chemistry collection in schools. Data Manager 3. Database Designer. Database Workbench. DB2 Runtime Client. Dbase Plus. Simple visual database design tool that lets you layout tables and their relations, and then export SQL to create them. Dezign for Databases. Disk Explorer Professional. DX Keeper. ElektroManager is designed to manage test reports created by different, e.

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Used instead of the sql administration tool, if you need something simpler to manage your SQL server from Microsoft. Express Client. FileMaker Pro. Easy to use and program relational database. Ford Focus. Gage Insite. Game Collector. This is a locksmith application for use with key codes, code machines, key blank reference, autos, cycles, padlocks, etc. It is a highly valued application for locksmiths. Happy Fish Database Designer. Helptrac manages a database of outstanding problems called "tickets" related to the client lists that are on the server.

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Lotto pro. Simply put, it is an application for tracking and predicting future lottery drawings. Lotus Approach.